[Question] – Lesson 3: Structures of indirect questions

An indirect question is when a question is ‘inside’ another question.

Take a simple scenario: we stop someone in the street and ask: “Where is the supermarket?” This is what we call a direct question.

However, let’s say that we begin with Can you tell me? or Do you know? Our original question is now ‘inside’ the new question: Can you tell me where the supermarket is

You will see that the word order has now changed because technically the question is now Can you tell me? not Where is? This is what we call an indirect question.

Word order in indirect questions
Word order in an indirect question is the same as in a normal statement sentence:
Direct question Indirect question
Where can I buy ink for the printer? Can you tell me where I can buy ink for the printer?
Can you tell me where can I buy …
Why do you want to work for our company? He asked me why I wanted to work for their company.
He asked me why did I want to …
What is the number of the last invoice? I’m calling to ask you what the number of the last invoice is.
I’m calling to ask you what is the number of 
How much did it cost? Do you know how much it costs?
Do you know how much did it cost?
How did it happen? Did she tell you how it happened?
Did she tell you how did it happened?


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