[Pronouns] – Lesson 2: Reflexive pronouns

Reflexive pronouns
Personal pronouns Reflexive pronoun Example
I, me myself I looked at myself in the mirror.
you, you (singular) yourself Did you hurt yourself when you fell?
he, him himself He burnt himself when he was cooking.
she, her herself Her real name is Mariella but she calls herselfMary.
it, it itself The animal hurt itself trying to escape.
we, us ourselves We blamed ourselves for the mistake.
you, you (plural) yourselves You can help yourselves to tea and coffee.
they, them themselves The children can look after themselves for a short time.

Compare the words in bold in these pairs of sentences:


  • Liz saw me.
  • I saw myself in the mirror.
  • Tom saved her.
  • She saved herself.
  • They blamed us.
  • We blamed ourselves.
  • We sent you an email.
  • You sent yourself an email.
  • We looked after them.
  • They looked after themselves.

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