[Prepositions] – Lesson 6: Prepositions after adjectives

Prepositions after adjectives
afraid of something
afraid of doing something
She is afraid of driving on motorways.
Are you afraid of the dark?
angry about something
angry with somebody
I am really angry about what she did.
Why did she do it? I am really angry with her.
concerned about something I’m concerned about his exam results.
pleased with someone / something I was very pleased with his performance.
sorry about something
sorry for doing something
Was she sorry about the mistake?
I’m sorry for being late.
good at something He is good at languages.


(un)aware of something Is he aware of the problem?
dependent on something She is still dependent on her parents.
famous for something He is famous for his sporting achievements.
impressed by/with something I was very impressed by his performance.
similar to something His interests are similar to those of his brother.
upset about something I was really upset about it.

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