[Prepositions] – Lesson 5: Prepositional verbs

A prepositional verb is when we have a verb + preposition. The preposition must be followed by an object.

Here are some examples of prepositional verbs.

Prepositional verbs
to agree to something to accept
I don’t think he will ever agree to such a plan.
to apologise for something to say you are sorry for something
I apologize for not replying to your letter sooner.
to apply for something to formally ask someone for something such as a job or permission to do something
Why didn’t you apply for a bank loan?
to complain to somebody about something/somebody to say you are annoyed about something
If the service is not satisfactory, you should complain to the customer service about it.
to conform to something to be in accordance with something
This signal system doesn’t conform to the official safety standards.
to consist of something to mention all of the things that something contains
The delegation consists of over 200 people, including interpreters and journalists.
to hear from somebody when someone, especially someone you know well, writes to you or telephones you
When was the last time you heard from him?
to insist on something to say that something must happen or somebody must do something
I insist on speaking to the head of the office.
to refer to something to talk about somebody or something in a conversation, speech or a piece of writing
Everyone knows who she was referring to in her speech.



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