[Prepositions] – Lesson 4: Prepositions “in, on, at”

Prepositions: in, on, at
in on at
inside an area or space: 
in the city, in the sky, in bed
in contact with a surface: 
on the wall, on the table, onthe floor
close to:
at the table, at the bus stop
forms of transport:
in a car, in a taxi, in a helicopter
forms of transport:
on a bike, on a bus, on a train, on the metro, on a plane,on a ship
before nouns referring to a place or position: 
at the top, at the bottom at the front, at the back at the beginning, at the end

BUT in the middle
arrive in a city, country:
arrive in London, arrive inFrance
arrive at a small place:
arrive at the station, at the meeting, at the office
when expressing ‘towards’:
look at something, point atsomething, smile at someone


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